We're so excited and grateful for the support and wonderful words on encouragement from the media, government, businesses and of course our customers, of our new fundraising project, EatForCharity, a brand new and fast-growing online food delivery platform started in China during the novel coronavirus outbreak. 

Our mission is to create steady and continuous streams of revenue that support worthwhile charitable organizations. We do so by operating EatForCharity, which combines people's need to eat with technology to generate funds without costing customers or restaurants anything more compared to how they shop and do business now.

Below is a list of recent articles, interviews, videos and more of EatForCharity in the news. If you're in the media and would like to schedule an interview, please email info@eatforcharity.cn



下面是最近的文章、采访、视频和更多的新闻列表。如果你是媒体人,想安排采访,请发邮件至 info@eatforcharity.cn

DuteNews 读特 (04/30/2020): 战疫中的外国人⑥:为慈善创业的美国小哥

Shekou TV  蛇口电视台 (04/30/2020): 蛇口:美国小哥创办外卖平台 支持7种语言点餐

Takungpao 大公网 (04/29/2020): 疫情期間外國人食飯點算? 美國小哥深圳推外賣平台 

ShenzhenDaily (04/27/2020): Expat opens multilingual food delivery platform 蛇口美国小哥自建多语种外卖平台 

Xinhua News (04/23/2020): American develops 7-language food delivery platform in China

Creative Nanshan (04/23/2020): 家住南山的美国小哥刷屏了,新华社给他拍了条短视频

Shenzhen Press Group (04/22/2020): 蛇口美国小哥建多语种外卖平台

Xinhua News (04/22/2020): 面对困难,我们更需要“抱团取暖”——一位在华美籍创客战“疫”记

Xinhua News (04/22/2020): Across China: Online takeaway platform helps bring business back

Zhi News 新华社 (04/18/2020): 美国小哥开发外卖平台 支持七种语言

106.2 Shenzhen Radio 快乐1062 (04/18/2020): 关注 | 美国小哥开发外卖平台 支持七种语言

Shenzhen Entertainment Channel (04/18/2020): 美国小哥开发外卖平台 支持七种语言

Xinhua News (04/17/2020): 美国小哥开发外卖平台 支持七种语言

Happy Zhaoshang (04/14/2020): 招商街道又又又上新华社、央视啦!这次是因为......

If you're in the media and would like to schedule an interview, please email info@eatforcharity.cn

如果你是媒体人,想安排采访,请发邮件至 info@eatforcharity.cn